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It’s your coast, the place that makes you feel
in the moment.

Right Coast Apparel was born on the east coast of Florida
with a large heart for community, love of travel, and the spirit of coastal lifestyle.

We love our east coast, its where we were born, but It doesn’t matter what coast we live on,
that’s why at Right Coast we say it's "Your Coast, Your Passion"

The vision of Right Coast Apparel is to bring to life those coastal passions we all enjoy while using success and public exposure to bring into focus
our communities’ social needs.

The vision started many years ago as the founders of Right Coast bring a strong coastal upbringing and an intense fire to this amazing company.

Whether its fishing, surfing, boating, diving, or just enjoying a sunset on the beach with the palm trees blowing in the breeze, always
“Choose you Coast, Choose your Passion”. Right Coast Apparel

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Right Coast Support Summer 2020

Summer launches our support for our First Respondents and Medical community. Buy two Tee shirts or combination of Hat and Shirt and get a free  2.5mm Formed Cloth Face Cover. If you have one already and would like to donate yours to Health First Homes Regional Medical Center please let us know in your purchasing comments.

Live the moment, live your passion, and stay rad!

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