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The vision of Right Coast Apparel is to bring to life those coastal passions 
we all enjoy while using success and public exposure to bring into focus
our communities’ social needs.

The vision started many years ago as the founders of Right Coast bring a strong 
coastal upbringing and an intense fire to this amazing company.

Whether its fishing, surfing, boating, diving, or just enjoying 
a sunset on the beach with the palm trees blowing in the breeze, always
“Choose you Coast, Choose your Passion”. Right Coast Apparel


But there's more!

Co Founders Brandon Rabine and Corey Huau have been best friends traveling the world together since they were just lil Satellite Beach groms. Dawn patrols, fishing trips, scuba diving expeditions, beach parties, you name it these guys have been in the water getting salty. 

Since child hood these two adventurist have lived the coastal lifestyle. They've been inspired by their extreme sport heroes,  coastal lifestyle brands, community, family, friends, and the awe of nature. They were always out looking for the newest gear and threads to show off their love of the salty life. Talking about it for years the spark finally came to them with Right Coast Apparel in 2015.

Right Coast a symbol and idea that incorporated there love of the east coast of the United States with there affection for community and travel. The dream started many years ago. You can say ever since they picked up a board, rod, and set their eyes on the water they've been chasing that F’in good life..... faith, family, friends, and fun! Get out there, love your community and enjoy these precious moments 
we get together to share our passions!
Make it an F’in great life friends.

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